Hierarchical Classification System of the Knowledge Base

1. Theory, methodology and history of gender research

2. History and theory of feminism

3. Woman and society

    3.1 Women and politics

    3.2 Women and economy, occupation, unemployment, business

4. Gender and economics

    4.1 Methodology and history of political thought (feministic criticism of economic theories)

    4.2 Microeconomics (gender aspects of housekeeping, production in household and economic assessment unpaid labor)

    4.3 Macroeconomics (gender and macroeconomic policy)

    4.4 Social economics (gender and taxation; gender structure of state budget)

    4.5 Public health

    4.6 Education and welfare (feminization of poverty, economic aspects of reproductive behavior, gender aspects of investments in human capital)

    4.7 Labor and population economics (gender aspects of demand and supply making on the labor market)

    4.8 Gender aspects of employment and labor remuneration, gender and labor relations, gender aspects of unemployment and labor mobility, sex-based discrimination, sex-based professional segregation in the sector of employment

    4.9 Economic theory and law (gender aspects of business regulation, gender aspects of employment regulation)

    4.10 Economic development, technological changes and growth (gender aspects of economic globalization)

5. Education

6. Family, marriage, housekeeping, parenthood, children

    6.1 Family planning and reproductive rights, rural women

    6.2 Ecology and health

    6.3 Violence

    6.4 Sexuality

7. Man and society. Research focused on men

8. Philosophy

9. Gender research in historical sciences

    9.1 Gender methodology in history

    9.2 Gender approach in ethnography and ethnology

    9.3 Womans and gender history of foreign countries

    9.4 Womans and gender history of Central Asian countries

10. Gender research in sociology

    10.1 Sociological theories of gender relations

    10.2 Methodology and methods of gender relations research

    10.3 Empirical sociological research of gender relations

11. Psychology

12. Arts, literature, mass media

13. Statistics and demography

14. Gender and law

    14.1 International documents and national legislation on gender equality

    14.2 Womens rights in the system of human rights

    14.3 Gender expertise of legislation

    14.4 Legal protection against sex-based discrimination

15. Bibliography, encyclopedias and dictionaries

16. Materials from organizations

    16.1 UN General Assembly

    16.2 Conventions

    16.3 Economic and Social Council

    16.4 United Nations Population Fund