Books, brochures and leaflets

Books and brochures

Gender Aspects of Integrated Water Resources Management (GWP CACENA)

Gender mainstreaming: An essential component of sustainable water management (Global Water Partnership Policy Brief 3)

Mainstreaming gender in integrated water resources management strategies and plans: practical steps for practitioners (Global Water Partnership Technical Brief 5)

Empowering women in water resources management in Central Asia (SIC ICWC)

Country Gender Assessment — Republic of Kazakhstan (ADB)

Country Gender Assessment — Kyrgyz Republic (ADB)

Country Gender Assessment — Republic of Tajikistan (ADB)

Country Gender Assessment — Republic of Uzbekistan (ADB)

Central Asian Republics: Gender Assessment Synthesis Report (ADB)

Women in Tajikistan: Country Gender Assessments (ADB)

Women in the Republic of Uzbekistan: Country Briefing Paper (ADB)

Facing a changing world: women, population and climate (UNFPA)

Gender-disaggregated Data on Water and Sanitation (UNW-DPC)

Brief Information on TA 6219-REG: Promoting Effective Water Management Policies and Practices

Final Evaluation of the UN Women Project Enhancing Economic Security of Rural Women in Kyrgyzstan (Report) (UN Women)

Turkmenistan: gender differences in business (UNDP-Turkmenistan)

Women in Sustainable Rural Development (UNDP-Uzbekistan)

Labour Migration in Uzbekistan: Social, Legal and Gender Aspects (UNDP-Uzbekistan)

Statistical Bulletin Women and Men of Uzbekistan 2000-2005 (UNDP-Uzbekistan)

Gender and Desertification. Expanding roles for women to restore drylands

The Concept of Gender Policy and the Millenium Development Goals in Kazakhstan

Gender Equality, Social Protection and Rural Development in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (FAO)

Gender and Rural Development in Eastern Europe and Central Asia: Key Issues publication (FAO)

Gender Equality and Womens Empowerment in Disaster Recovery (World Bank)

Integrating a Gender Equality Lens: Drawing Lessons from Three Good-Practice Development Policy Operations (World Bank)

A Study of Women's Role in Irrigated Agriculture in the Lower Vaksh River Basin, Tajikistan (Asian Development Bank)

Practical Outlook on Gender Issues in the Water Resources Sector (Kazakh-German University)


“Gender and Water in Central Asia” Initiative

Network “GWANet — Gender and Water in Central Asia”