“Gender and Water in Central Asia” Initiative

In developing the full and effective participation of women at all levels of decision-making, consideration has to be given to the way different societies assign particular social, economic and cultural roles to men and women. There is a need to ensure that the water sector as a whole is gender aware, a process which should begin by the implementation of training programmes for water professional and community or grass root mobilizers.

Global Water Partnership

SIC ICWC is developing “Gender and Water in Central Asia” Initiative with assistance of GWP CACENA, ADB, CIDA, McGill University to establish cooperation among various agencies and individuals on gender issues. .

The objectives:

  • Raise awareness and promote gender mainstreaming in the region
  • Attain more knowledge and understanding of gender issues in water management
  • Exchange experience and best practices on the matter, translate theoretical concepts on gender into action
  • Build profile for the need of gender sensitization and a platform for womens voices within the governance structures of the region
  • Lay the foundation of further cooperation leading to successful gender sensitive water management
  • Create the network among concerned agencies and individuals to facilitate further cooperation both national and regional level

The value

This initiative will be implement as:

  • Open forum that will be aimed at multilateral cooperation and mutual coordination by different agencies and individuals on the basis of their specialization and experiences;
  • Based on local stakeholders involvement;
  • Intend to overcome interdisciplinary barriers since gender is a transversal concept;
  • Will include analytical methods for the purpose of the attraction of decision makers attention at different levels;
  • Will develop practical approaches to gender-water interrelation.