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About Knowledge Base

At present, the Central Asian countries generated a lot of information on any issues related to both gender and water sector. However, the use of information is complicated due to its fragmentariness, sparseness, and unpracticality for utilization by computers.

Moreover, practitioners and decision makers are not able, like researchers, to study in details and minutely information generated by science and practice, and they need to have information in such a form that is easy and understandable for all.

The main idea of the knowledge base is to get experience from an expert in area of gender and translate it, with minimum additions, into more formal language of knowledge presentation.

Development of knowledge bases by using modern information technologies allows for maximally effective use of information collected from completed research projects and scientific publications.

The knowledge base contains information relevant for both the Central Asian republics and other regions on issues of gender equality and womens role in water sector.

The knowledge base provides users (scientists, practitioners, environmentalists, politicians, and the society as a whole) with necessary and easy accessible information for rational utilization.